Jan 1, 2012

New Year Celebration In India

We always want to celebrate the days with one or another purpose so we have started celebrating one more day and its "New Year Celebration" since few year back.

Welcoming new year is observed annually on December 31, the final day of any given year in the Gregorian calendar. In modern societies, New Year welcome is often celebrated at social gatherings, during which participants dance, eat, consume alcoholic beverages, and watch or light fireworks to mark the incoming year. This eve mainly celebrated in western countries and we follow this celebration in our country. An occasion like this in which people can have lot of fun and enjoy one more day in their life apart from their daily hectic jobs or hectic life. This is wonderful occasion when we welcome something new in our lives.

There is no such a restriction for celebrating the day; but there should be some limit while celebrating. People should have to understand meaning of celebration. New year celebration in India is just having drinks with friends and screaming on road welcoming new year. Driving on road when drunk. Every year we hear some accidents news on 31st December or news like misbehavior of some group with women, murder cases in drunk; specially in India. Many youngster celebrate this day drinking too much and this things happened in such a situation. Is it really works in India where we have such a good tradition or is it not a step to break our tradition while following western culture.

Question is, is it really necessary to have this celebration outside of home. Can't people celebrate this day with their family in their home itself or in home premises to avoid such things or they will get help if the things goes wrong with them. There is no celebrations says to create some bad situation in public place and to make environment peace-less.

On this eve, people should have to celebrate it properly without creating such noise & misbehavior towards other and they should have to preserve Indian culture. There should be lightening on everyone life on new year. So have a safe, fearless, happily move from one year to another. May all of your resolutions (except the ridiculous ones borne of misplaced guilt) become true. 

Lets celebrate & lets others do ........... !!!

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