Mar 25, 2012

Save Tree , Save Earth

Trees are fundamental to life on earth.

In this global world we are facing lots of problem regarding environment. Wherever we go we can just see lots of problem with the nature. But no one just think why this nature's law is so rude towards we people.

Nature's law never change by its own. We are only resposible for change. How will you react with nature, how will you treat nature , how will you behave in nature , will just get output in same manner by nature's law. we are only responsible for these changes across world.

Its not only in India we are facing problem of global warming, this problem is across world. We often used to say that to save us from global warming we should have to save tree which will ultimately save earth. 

But how ..??  This is big question.

This is world of globalization , urbanization and internet is part of this globalization. Every where we can see people are using instrument like computer,laptop,mobiles or many electronic devices. But still we are one step back where we are not using this medium to save paper work.

One of example, I would like to share is demanding hard copy of bio-data for interview. There is no need to ask people to bring hard copy of bio data where they are actually being called after going through their profile on internet (job website). If you have already details of person to whom you are calling then what is need for bio-data. Some of the companies demanding for 2-3 hard copies of bio-data, which is strange. Changes will not going to get happen with every copy of bio-data then whats need for more than one copy. One more strange is with IT companies where they are actually bringing business on internet and replacing those manual things with help of software to save work and paper, but this IT companies are also asking people to bring hard copy of resume and even they  used to take exams on paper instead of online exams at their center. 

Mobile companies are sending 3-4 pages bill details to more than crores of customers where it is possible to send them soft copy of bill statement on everyone's email id. 
We can see many corporate offices still doing unnecessary paper work where we can actually save these papers.

In India most of green fields are covered by builders to build tall towers or hotels and for this they used to cut trees. Most of farms has been used for building companies.

Its everyone's responsibilty to ask others to stop cutting of trees. We have learned in our school days importance of trees but still careless about tree cutting. Avoid unnecessary use of papers.

I would like to add some ways to save trees:

• Reducing the consumption of products made from trees (e.g. paper).
• Providing alternate fuel to rural poor for cooking ( gas) so as to reduce cutting of trees for fuel wood.
• Avoiding indiscriminate disposal of plastic products (especially thin plastic pick up bags) so as to allow rain water to percolate into ground and prevent erosion of soil to save the root system of trees.
• Planning new projects (especially hydel power projects/water storage reservoirs) not involving deforestation/ submergence of forests under water.
• Avoiding any human activity that may cause forest fires.
• making tours eco friendly.
• Creating awareness among people about importance of trees and need for their conservation.
• Plant more trees instead of cutting down trees.
• Make sure this three words while making products : RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE.

So save trees , Save Earth .......!!

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