Feb 24, 2012

Drive Safely ....... Your Vehicle & So your life

Life is all about a race. Race to become dominant on each other in every aspects and this same rule apply while driving vehicles. Now a days people drive vehicle so carelessly with high speed and  this become dangourous not only for their life but for others too.

First of all, people should understand that our life is not so cheap to be so careless about it. There are some driving rules made for our safety purpose and people must have to understand each rule very clearly and should have to follow these basic rules while driving. If people will not follow those rules then they can never drive their life easily.

Everyday we read accidental cases in newspaper and watch them in television. Most of them are just because of drunk drivers. Just because of they drunk, leads to end of other's life. We read, we watch and we hear every day about accidents cases but still we behave like nothing will going to get happen if we use to drive vehicles with high speed or if we will be drunk. 

Sometimes people used to overtake other's vehicles with so high speed that they couldn't control in case of any emergency and it leads to an accident.

Some of bikers try to have different stunts on road but they don't think that any one of them can be last stunt of their or other's life.

Some of drivers used to talk on mobile phone while driving which is also very harmful for every one's life. This people can't listen to other's vehicle horns or sirens and which again leads to an accident.

Remember if you will drive out of speed you will run out of life. Its all over our responsibility to drive vehicle safely to make our and other's life safe.

Though our life is all about full of challenges every moment , I will say "take risk in your life but don't take risk about life".

So follow rules, drive safely ...... your vehicle &  your life.........!!!