Aug 3, 2014

Game of Snakes & Ladders ... How it relate to daily life

Snake & Ladder

We all know a game "Snake and Ladder". Our childhood favorite game. But very few people can correlate the reason for making this game. What this game teach us about is similar to our daily life. I think most of the people have never thought of learning from this game. It teaches us everything about life in our childhood itself which relate to the thought process of every set of people in the pursuit of life.

There are three different kinds of people used to play the game of life.

1. Some people (A) think about winning the game and concentrate over only on the final destination on board. These are people very positive & optimistic in their life and are perfect examples for Positivity.

2. Some people (B) reaches their destination with a lot of ups and downs but they fight and win the game though it took some time. This is the perfect examples of Never Give Up quality of such a person.

3. Some people (C) always afraid of obstacles(snake) in a game which brings them down. Their all concentrations are upon these obstacles and they fail to achieve their goal. These people always have failure ratio more than success.

People who think to win this game first always think positively in life. On the game board, they always see for ladders to reach the final destination. They always think about their goal. This positivity, thinking and faith towards their thinking helps them to win the game first. They are always on the top of anyone else in the game. The reason behind this is, they never think about an obstacle(snake) on board and they treat their life in the same way and achieve success.

People who win after so many ups and downs think about both an obstacle and a way to reach the final destination. In the game board, they always see both snakes and ladders. At the same time, they pay attention to snake and ladder and try to find a way to get success.  These people come down because of an obstacle they think about and go up because of the way they find it out to overcome the obstacle. These people reach their goal slowly with a lot of issues, failures but success is for sure in their life.

The worst scenario is about the people who always think of failure even before they start a game. These people can only see their an obstacle and not a way to overcome the obstacle or just cannot find a way to reach the last destination in their life. On the game board, these people always think about what if I come in front of the snake(obstacle), what if I go down. The same thinking happens to them even in their daily life. They give up before they start playing. Even in life, these people focus on the negative side of anything before working on it.

Life is like the snake and ladder game. The choice is yours, what you want and what not. If you want success then be a person in category A and B or else you will always lie in as a person belongs to category C who are always prone to failures.

Stay tune to the channel of "positivity" & be an "optimistic" person to achieve the best !! Stay blessed !!

Feb 1, 2014

Late night parties , addictions and culture

This is 21st century and we believe to change our self accordingly changes in world. No doubt good changes are always welcome and would like to hear about changes , comparison , equality  in good things and not bad one. If we will see our culture nowadays and several year back we will notice that we have accepted western culture and moving away from our own country culture. 

Our living style changes accordingly as per western culture. No doubt we still follow our culture but its only for specific occasion. Its always good to take best things from other people, other society, other religion, other country but what if we start thinking about some bad qualities of others and start copying them without proper thinking about it or without knowing the fact that will led to some bad extent or that will be harmful for other people in society or for living our own life.

One of the culture we have accepted is "late night party". Yes, we enjoy party and we all want party at certain interval in our life but the things happening in late night parties are not good and not at all matches our culture. Things happening in late night parties are not for enjoyment but for addictions that people have accepted unknowingly which is  personal and social loss. Every one like to dance yes it should be there ; every one like to have fun yes it should be there ; every one like to spend time with their friends and enjoy moment and yes it should be there... but it should be there till it will not affect to living society. 

Our enjoyment should not  affect way of living of other people in society. We heard so many cases happening after this late night parties. This cases not only affect individual life but it affect living person in society. Most of people going for late night parties addicted for one or more addictions like drinking, drugs addictions etc. This is destroying good environment and of course our culture as we are accepting western culture.

We should save our culture while accepting western culture. Moving forward we should promote our culture in other country such that they will love to live like our culture. And we should not promote late night parties and things happening in late night parties.

Help people to live their life in peace !!