Aug 25, 2012

Suicide - Way to hell with or without intention

What is suicide?
Suicide is act of intentionally or non-intentionally causing one's own death. It is always committed with certain depression or we can say uncertain state of mind where people think everything is going wrong with themselves.

Over one million people die by suicide every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that it is the 13th leading cause of death worldwide. It is estimated that over 100,000 people die by suicide in India every year. India alone contributes to more than 10% of suicides in the world. Majority of suicides occur among men and in younger age groups.

There are some very serious or some foolish reasons for committing suicide which is ofcourse is not solution of problem any one suffering from. It is problem with most of human being who can not judge situation or who can not fight with situation. In this situation person thinks negatively towards each of the problem they are facing and they find no solution than committing suicide which is of-course not a solution.

Committing suicide will ofcourse take people out of every problem they are facing but very precious thing they gonna lose is their own life. Life is always without meaning. You should have to  bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. 

Being alive is the meaning. If you will learn to bring meaningful life then you will never get depression ever in your life.

Ways to get out of depression:
1. Think on your problems more than twice with calm mind.
2. Consult with elders about your problems or state of mind.
3. Always find out way which gives peace to your mind.
4. Keep yourself busy with some work which will not let you allow to think in deep about your problem.

What can we do for society:

1. Promote awareness that suicide is a public health problem that is preventable.
2. Develop and implement community-based suicide prevention programs.
3. Promote and support research on suicide and suicide prevention.
4. Develop and implement strategies to reduce the stigma associated with being a consumer of mental health, substance abuse and suicide prevention services.
5. Reducing domestic violence and substance abuse are long-term strategies to reduce many mental health problems.
6. Reducing access to convenient means of suicide (e.g. toxic substances, handguns).
7. If you find children in depression then give proper consulting to children and give assurance of everything will be fine soon.

Suicide is 100% preventable. Help to make india free from suicide acts.

May 9, 2012

Save Girl Child , Save Girl , Save Woman

This is one of the worst thing happening in our country is brutally killing of Indian girl child. India is always a developing country but meaning of development is always limited and is only for booming in the economy, innovative technologies and improved infrastructure. But nowhere we found development in the mentality of Indian people, especially about girl child. 

Still today's day people are killing girl child just because they want a son to add their family wealth and property or to add scion to their family. As per birth ratio of 2011 survey which states that there are 914 girls per 1,000 boys which is the almost difference of 86 but when we consider it about lakh or crores then this number seem to be a big and which is one of the biggest problems in India. Just imagine the world without a girl. No more baby will be born and will result in an end of the world. 

People even this days aborting if they found the girl child and abortion ratio is also increased in almost 80% of the India states. The worst thing after a survey found that people from the rich background are doing most of this kind of things and this is one of the biggest topics to discuss.

Techniques like biopsy, ultrasound, scan tests and amniocentesis, devised to detect genetic abnormalities, are highly misused by the number of families to detect the gender of the unborn child. These clinical tests are highly contributing to the rise abortion of unborn girl child. Some doctors are also helping these people in this cruel act of killing an unborn child.

One of the reasons for this is dowry. People are just demanding and this demanding is increasing day by day. Giving and taking dowry is crime still people making this crime and for the same reason, no one wants a girl child as they think daughters just drain wealth of family. Every month we watch , we listen cases of dowry killing innocent woman which is so threatening that people are not expecting girl child. There should be restriction for this kind of cruel act made by people.

Girl becoming victim of cases like rape , murder , threatening by some act , dowry which are some of the reason for which people don't want girl child. But this is not solution for this nonsense things. People just have to come together and need to fight against this kind of cruel act. 

Every one should remember that we all are here in this world just because of a woman and we should save girl child , girl , woman for better future of this country.

Please give your time to watch this video. Only 4 minute of your life for something best can change life of girl child. Click on share for social awareness.

Apr 18, 2012

United we stand , divided we fall

Very well said "United we stand , divided we fall" and its so true. 

There was lesson in our childhood and it was about "Power of Unity". If you are unitedly stand for any difficult task , no one can stop you to get it done successfully and definitely you will going to win those task even if you will suffered lot, but if it is in the case where you are only a single person trying to achieve same task , definitely you will survive a lot but result will be unsatisfactory or no result.

Let me remind you that lesson which is perfect example of unity. There was a farmer, he had 4 children but all of them used to fight with each other. One day farmer called them and ask to break the bunch of 4 hard sticks. All of them tried alone to break that bunch, but they were fail to do so , later farmer ask all of them to break each of stick separately and result was they got success to break all those sticks. And hence it is perfect example of unity as no one was able to break those bunch of stick tied unitedly.

Another example that I would like to remind you is of divided we fall. You all remember our fight against British government for freedom. Its about 1857's revolt. Everyone's aim was same but there was lack of unity and all of them were fighting with British separately and so this division turned that revolt in failure. Just because of game of division British ruled us for 150 year and ofcourse when all indian came together and unitedly fought against them and bring us freedom from British government.

Do you think that you have got freedom even those freedom fighter lost their life while fighting against British. Answer must be no because we got freedom from british but we are still being ruled by some bad people in our country. 

In our country we still require unity and we need to remind each and everyone same lesson of farmer to achieve something. Everyday people are suffering lot from so many issues and we will suffer a lot in future also just because, lack of unity. Common people in our country are busy fighting with each others and hence some people are taking benefit of this and ruled others. Every single minute we can see a fight between people where there is no such a big reason to do so.

Best example of unity at present is unity of all politicians. Unitedly they are just ruling Indian common people , making everyone fool and this common people just talk 3-4 minutes with there friends and family about the dirty games of politics and politicians. Have you ever imagine, what if all Indian public stand together against this corrupt politics?

We all Indian need to come together and not just together but we must have strong unity so we can definitely get our freedom against those bad powers.

So just understand importance of unity and be united together, because divided we will just get failure and we will simply fall down.

Mar 25, 2012

Save Tree , Save Earth

Trees are fundamental to life on earth.

In this global world we are facing lots of problem regarding environment. Wherever we go we can just see lots of problem with the nature. But no one just think why this nature's law is so rude towards we people.

Nature's law never change by its own. We are only resposible for change. How will you react with nature, how will you treat nature , how will you behave in nature , will just get output in same manner by nature's law. we are only responsible for these changes across world.

Its not only in India we are facing problem of global warming, this problem is across world. We often used to say that to save us from global warming we should have to save tree which will ultimately save earth. 

But how ..??  This is big question.

This is world of globalization , urbanization and internet is part of this globalization. Every where we can see people are using instrument like computer,laptop,mobiles or many electronic devices. But still we are one step back where we are not using this medium to save paper work.

One of example, I would like to share is demanding hard copy of bio-data for interview. There is no need to ask people to bring hard copy of bio data where they are actually being called after going through their profile on internet (job website). If you have already details of person to whom you are calling then what is need for bio-data. Some of the companies demanding for 2-3 hard copies of bio-data, which is strange. Changes will not going to get happen with every copy of bio-data then whats need for more than one copy. One more strange is with IT companies where they are actually bringing business on internet and replacing those manual things with help of software to save work and paper, but this IT companies are also asking people to bring hard copy of resume and even they  used to take exams on paper instead of online exams at their center. 

Mobile companies are sending 3-4 pages bill details to more than crores of customers where it is possible to send them soft copy of bill statement on everyone's email id. 
We can see many corporate offices still doing unnecessary paper work where we can actually save these papers.

In India most of green fields are covered by builders to build tall towers or hotels and for this they used to cut trees. Most of farms has been used for building companies.

Its everyone's responsibilty to ask others to stop cutting of trees. We have learned in our school days importance of trees but still careless about tree cutting. Avoid unnecessary use of papers.

I would like to add some ways to save trees:

• Reducing the consumption of products made from trees (e.g. paper).
• Providing alternate fuel to rural poor for cooking ( gas) so as to reduce cutting of trees for fuel wood.
• Avoiding indiscriminate disposal of plastic products (especially thin plastic pick up bags) so as to allow rain water to percolate into ground and prevent erosion of soil to save the root system of trees.
• Planning new projects (especially hydel power projects/water storage reservoirs) not involving deforestation/ submergence of forests under water.
• Avoiding any human activity that may cause forest fires.
• making tours eco friendly.
• Creating awareness among people about importance of trees and need for their conservation.
• Plant more trees instead of cutting down trees.
• Make sure this three words while making products : RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE.

So save trees , Save Earth .......!!

Mar 18, 2012

Quote By Me

1)Be Honest With Yourself Then You Will Be Honest With Others Also...!!
- Kiran J. Wagh

2)If someone trying to pull your leg then just kick on their ass with same leg.
- Kiran J. Wagh

3)Nothing is impossible ...... But before that you must have to understand what is nothing ... !!
- Kiran J. Wagh

4)Fact of life: You cant try to forget memories in your life ...... specially bad memories .. !!
- Kiran J. Wagh

5)You can push only those people who is interested in the job ... unless its all waste ... !!! - Kiran J. Wagh

6)Why people need only 1st April to make others fool .... Look at politicians they celebrate every day as Fool's Day and make us people fool ....!!
- Kiran J. Wagh

7)Only permanent things in this world are now corruption, rapes, murders, robbery , suicide , addictions. Human being always having habit to disrespect permanent things. So accept all temporary things in your life and create your own best life forever..!!
- Kiran J. Wagh

8)Never be happy after cheating some one.. Its not like you make them fool and win something.. But its like you lose one person from list of people who trust you.. !!
- Kiran J. Wagh

9)There will be always possibilities if you really desperate to do so .. Unless everything you will find is impossible ......... !!
- Kiran J. Wagh

10)Don't keep loving person in mind , keep them in heart because heart is only thing that will gonna work till you are alive where mind can be unconscious at any stage of life which will erase memory ..!!
Kiran J. Wagh

11)Everyone think that they are more mature than others, but thing is that every one has kid inside them , every one act like foolish once in a day but their maturity only come across when others behave like kids or fool.
- Kiran J. Wagh

12)Poor are not those people who are weak in wealth & health, but are those people who are weak in thinking.
- Kiran J. Wagh

13)Input and output are part of life and it is applicable to all things happening within life. For good output in life Keep giving good input !!
- Kiran J. Wagh

14)Love your dreams !! Live with your dreams !!
- Kiran J. Wagh

15)Start your day with good thought , End your day with good thought ....... Good thing(s) will surely come between this time !!
- Kiran J. Wagh

To Be Continue.....!!

Mar 8, 2012

Woman - Architecture of Indian Society

Though our society is being male dominated society since long back, situation is changing very rapidly and now Indian society is not known as male dominated society. Now-a-days females are equal to males in all respect. Female now-a-days are more forward intelligent and successful in most of sector in Indian Society. In the near future we can see them working in all sectors in India.

Although Indian society is male dominated, Ladies are given very high respect in Society. In Indian society a woman is still addressed as "Devi", i.e. Goddess. The woman is considered as the moral beam of the family. In general the image of a woman in India is of a Mother, which is not the case in many countries.

We can see females are equal to male in all respect. We can see them in sports; in any public services like IPS, collector ; in any government or private offices ; in politics , as social worker , in film industry or any other arts related things. There are women as doctor , engineer, lawyer. We can see them as CEO, Director , or Chairperson in most of private sectors. Also women enjoyed equal status with men in all fields of life. Their success increasing tremendously day by day.

But at same time I would like to say that even we can see such a changes in their success, their life style or the way they are introducing themselves in every field , the changes should be in good things only not bad one. We used to see them drinking , smoking or having any other addictions. As I have said they are architecture of Indian Society and if architecture good then we can see everything in this world, as wonderful. So comparison should be about good things only.

Also I would like to say that there must be unity in women to stop nonsense happening to them like rape or any other mental or sexually harassment. Women nowadays should be self protected and they must have to get training for self protection. Being consideration as goddess it again  responsibility of mens also to save women from such a things.

We can see lots of cases happening like killing girl child baby , or abusing them. We being Indian must have to stop this and have to save girl child for better future of tomorrow. Girls of today is woman of tomorrow.

At the last I would like to congrats women for having tremendous success in their life.

Feb 24, 2012

Drive Safely ....... Your Vehicle & So your life

Life is all about a race. Race to become dominant on each other in every aspects and this same rule apply while driving vehicles. Now a days people drive vehicle so carelessly with high speed and  this become dangourous not only for their life but for others too.

First of all, people should understand that our life is not so cheap to be so careless about it. There are some driving rules made for our safety purpose and people must have to understand each rule very clearly and should have to follow these basic rules while driving. If people will not follow those rules then they can never drive their life easily.

Everyday we read accidental cases in newspaper and watch them in television. Most of them are just because of drunk drivers. Just because of they drunk, leads to end of other's life. We read, we watch and we hear every day about accidents cases but still we behave like nothing will going to get happen if we use to drive vehicles with high speed or if we will be drunk. 

Sometimes people used to overtake other's vehicles with so high speed that they couldn't control in case of any emergency and it leads to an accident.

Some of bikers try to have different stunts on road but they don't think that any one of them can be last stunt of their or other's life.

Some of drivers used to talk on mobile phone while driving which is also very harmful for every one's life. This people can't listen to other's vehicle horns or sirens and which again leads to an accident.

Remember if you will drive out of speed you will run out of life. Its all over our responsibility to drive vehicle safely to make our and other's life safe.

Though our life is all about full of challenges every moment , I will say "take risk in your life but don't take risk about life".

So follow rules, drive safely ...... your vehicle &  your life.........!!!

Jan 8, 2012

Do Not Use Paper & Plastic Flag - Respect National Flag

A national flag is symbol which represent country and there is no restriction for flying flag of own county. Indian national flag we usually called it as "Tiranga" is horizontal one with deep safron , white and green. Flag has one "Ashok Chakra" in middle with blue and navy blue color having 24 spokes like wheel. Its flag of freedom for every individual. The flag is based on the "Swaraj" flag, flag of Indian National Congress designed by Pingali Venkayya and is made up of khadi.

Each of the three colors in our Tricolor has a special significance. The saffron stands for courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation. The white, is meant for purity and truth. While the green is for faith and fertility. The navy blue wheel in the center of the white band signifies which denotes continual progress of the country and its blue wheel signifies the continuity of the nation's progress which is deemed to be as boundless as the blue sky above and as fathomless as the deep blue sea that keeps its hands and feet washed.

Indian flag is symbol of respect and pride. We used to fly this flag on Independence day (15th August) and Republic Day(26th January). People used to buy this flag every year and there is big selling of flag every year. This flags made up of either plastic or paper. People used those flag on this two days and shows their love, pride towards nation by pin up flag on shirts or putting them on vehicles with such enthusiasm.

On the very next day of this two days we used to watch them in dustbin, or on roads, or elsewhere; which we cant imagine on 15th August & 26th January. Question is where is your love and pride for our flag after this two days. Definitely our flag used to go to dumping ground where they burn garbage so our flag is also.

Official regulation states that the National flag must never touch the ground or water, be used as a table cloth or draped in front of a platform, cover a statue, plaque, cornerstone etc.

Is it not responsibility of every indian to respect our national flag or to give honor to our national flag? Its individual responsibility to give proper respect or honor to our national flag.

Lets pray now and from now onwards every individual will respect flag in following ways:
1. Do Not Use Paper & Plastic Flags
2. Do Not Pin Up Flag On Shirts.
3. Take Care Our flag Is Not Trampled Upon Road Or Do Not Let Flag Touch Ground.
4. Do Not Use Flag As Table Cloth.
5. Do Not Let Flag get crumpled.

Lets Respect & Lets Ask Others To Respect Our National Flag.

Jan 1, 2012

New Year Celebration In India

We always want to celebrate the days with one or another purpose so we have started celebrating one more day and its "New Year Celebration" since few year back.

Welcoming new year is observed annually on December 31, the final day of any given year in the Gregorian calendar. In modern societies, New Year welcome is often celebrated at social gatherings, during which participants dance, eat, consume alcoholic beverages, and watch or light fireworks to mark the incoming year. This eve mainly celebrated in western countries and we follow this celebration in our country. An occasion like this in which people can have lot of fun and enjoy one more day in their life apart from their daily hectic jobs or hectic life. This is wonderful occasion when we welcome something new in our lives.

There is no such a restriction for celebrating the day; but there should be some limit while celebrating. People should have to understand meaning of celebration. New year celebration in India is just having drinks with friends and screaming on road welcoming new year. Driving on road when drunk. Every year we hear some accidents news on 31st December or news like misbehavior of some group with women, murder cases in drunk; specially in India. Many youngster celebrate this day drinking too much and this things happened in such a situation. Is it really works in India where we have such a good tradition or is it not a step to break our tradition while following western culture.

Question is, is it really necessary to have this celebration outside of home. Can't people celebrate this day with their family in their home itself or in home premises to avoid such things or they will get help if the things goes wrong with them. There is no celebrations says to create some bad situation in public place and to make environment peace-less.

On this eve, people should have to celebrate it properly without creating such noise & misbehavior towards other and they should have to preserve Indian culture. There should be lightening on everyone life on new year. So have a safe, fearless, happily move from one year to another. May all of your resolutions (except the ridiculous ones borne of misplaced guilt) become true. 

Lets celebrate & lets others do ........... !!!