May 9, 2012

Save Girl Child , Save Girl , Save Woman

This is one of the worst thing happening in our country is brutally killing of Indian girl child. India is always a developing country but meaning of development is always limited and is only for booming in the economy, innovative technologies and improved infrastructure. But nowhere we found development in the mentality of Indian people, especially about girl child. 

Still today's day people are killing girl child just because they want a son to add their family wealth and property or to add scion to their family. As per birth ratio of 2011 survey which states that there are 914 girls per 1,000 boys which is the almost difference of 86 but when we consider it about lakh or crores then this number seem to be a big and which is one of the biggest problems in India. Just imagine the world without a girl. No more baby will be born and will result in an end of the world. 

People even this days aborting if they found the girl child and abortion ratio is also increased in almost 80% of the India states. The worst thing after a survey found that people from the rich background are doing most of this kind of things and this is one of the biggest topics to discuss.

Techniques like biopsy, ultrasound, scan tests and amniocentesis, devised to detect genetic abnormalities, are highly misused by the number of families to detect the gender of the unborn child. These clinical tests are highly contributing to the rise abortion of unborn girl child. Some doctors are also helping these people in this cruel act of killing an unborn child.

One of the reasons for this is dowry. People are just demanding and this demanding is increasing day by day. Giving and taking dowry is crime still people making this crime and for the same reason, no one wants a girl child as they think daughters just drain wealth of family. Every month we watch , we listen cases of dowry killing innocent woman which is so threatening that people are not expecting girl child. There should be restriction for this kind of cruel act made by people.

Girl becoming victim of cases like rape , murder , threatening by some act , dowry which are some of the reason for which people don't want girl child. But this is not solution for this nonsense things. People just have to come together and need to fight against this kind of cruel act. 

Every one should remember that we all are here in this world just because of a woman and we should save girl child , girl , woman for better future of this country.

Please give your time to watch this video. Only 4 minute of your life for something best can change life of girl child. Click on share for social awareness.

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