Apr 18, 2012

United we stand , divided we fall

Very well said "United we stand , divided we fall" and its so true. 

There was lesson in our childhood and it was about "Power of Unity". If you are unitedly stand for any difficult task , no one can stop you to get it done successfully and definitely you will going to win those task even if you will suffered lot, but if it is in the case where you are only a single person trying to achieve same task , definitely you will survive a lot but result will be unsatisfactory or no result.

Let me remind you that lesson which is perfect example of unity. There was a farmer, he had 4 children but all of them used to fight with each other. One day farmer called them and ask to break the bunch of 4 hard sticks. All of them tried alone to break that bunch, but they were fail to do so , later farmer ask all of them to break each of stick separately and result was they got success to break all those sticks. And hence it is perfect example of unity as no one was able to break those bunch of stick tied unitedly.

Another example that I would like to remind you is of divided we fall. You all remember our fight against British government for freedom. Its about 1857's revolt. Everyone's aim was same but there was lack of unity and all of them were fighting with British separately and so this division turned that revolt in failure. Just because of game of division British ruled us for 150 year and ofcourse when all indian came together and unitedly fought against them and bring us freedom from British government.

Do you think that you have got freedom even those freedom fighter lost their life while fighting against British. Answer must be no because we got freedom from british but we are still being ruled by some bad people in our country. 

In our country we still require unity and we need to remind each and everyone same lesson of farmer to achieve something. Everyday people are suffering lot from so many issues and we will suffer a lot in future also just because, lack of unity. Common people in our country are busy fighting with each others and hence some people are taking benefit of this and ruled others. Every single minute we can see a fight between people where there is no such a big reason to do so.

Best example of unity at present is unity of all politicians. Unitedly they are just ruling Indian common people , making everyone fool and this common people just talk 3-4 minutes with there friends and family about the dirty games of politics and politicians. Have you ever imagine, what if all Indian public stand together against this corrupt politics?

We all Indian need to come together and not just together but we must have strong unity so we can definitely get our freedom against those bad powers.

So just understand importance of unity and be united together, because divided we will just get failure and we will simply fall down.