Mar 8, 2012

Woman - Architecture of Indian Society

Though our society is being male dominated society since long back, situation is changing very rapidly and now Indian society is not known as male dominated society. Now-a-days females are equal to males in all respect. Female now-a-days are more forward intelligent and successful in most of sector in Indian Society. In the near future we can see them working in all sectors in India.

Although Indian society is male dominated, Ladies are given very high respect in Society. In Indian society a woman is still addressed as "Devi", i.e. Goddess. The woman is considered as the moral beam of the family. In general the image of a woman in India is of a Mother, which is not the case in many countries.

We can see females are equal to male in all respect. We can see them in sports; in any public services like IPS, collector ; in any government or private offices ; in politics , as social worker , in film industry or any other arts related things. There are women as doctor , engineer, lawyer. We can see them as CEO, Director , or Chairperson in most of private sectors. Also women enjoyed equal status with men in all fields of life. Their success increasing tremendously day by day.

But at same time I would like to say that even we can see such a changes in their success, their life style or the way they are introducing themselves in every field , the changes should be in good things only not bad one. We used to see them drinking , smoking or having any other addictions. As I have said they are architecture of Indian Society and if architecture good then we can see everything in this world, as wonderful. So comparison should be about good things only.

Also I would like to say that there must be unity in women to stop nonsense happening to them like rape or any other mental or sexually harassment. Women nowadays should be self protected and they must have to get training for self protection. Being consideration as goddess it again  responsibility of mens also to save women from such a things.

We can see lots of cases happening like killing girl child baby , or abusing them. We being Indian must have to stop this and have to save girl child for better future of tomorrow. Girls of today is woman of tomorrow.

At the last I would like to congrats women for having tremendous success in their life.

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