Dec 26, 2015

Let's not talk about intolerance

Whole country is talking about intolerance. It's been a prime problem of country rather than natural disasters, rapes, murders, suicides of farmers and many more things where common man is surviving badly. It seems we are seeking more into this subject rather than fundamental need of country. Since last few months we can see popular content of every news channel is intolerant. Is this really subject of news or just TRP? 

Are we tolerating intolerance? I read it somewhere "Intolerance will not be tolerated"; how true it is when we talk about intolerance and become more violent on this. How come whole country seeking into discussion on intolerance rather than major problems of country. Are we not losing many things that need to be discussed rather than intolerance. Yes, there are lot of challenges we have in our day to day life by overcoming this we can have a great or at least good life.

I am wondering why this word got so much credit these days. Country is still in development right from level of thinking of people. Common people who are talking about this is not at all tolerant these days. Ego and attitude of people cannot even tolerate advice of other people not even views of others. So many surprises we get while travelling when one person cannot even tolerate touch of other person who is from lower class(lower class in eyes of people here about poor people who cannot even dress well and it is not caste based). When one person does something wrong and another person advice him not to make such a mistake then one cannot even think to accept their good thoughts and simply start fighting with them, is this the kind of tolerance from of people? If you hate opinion or views of other people how can you just raise the issue of intolerance. I just see, People are habitual of tolerating to other person who has more power than them or else they keep on just talking against intolerance. Will this make a difference by just making comments on intolerance?

I wonder when all people talk about intolerance on their religious belief. Question in mind arise, is it more important than being a human. What if every person being a human had guts to listen to other, or not to disrespect emotions of other or help other to raise them in their life. If all people will come together to raise pride of nation by raising helping hands, Will this subject really matter then?

I simply believe lets not talk about intolerance if we cannot become a human being first and this matter will not even exist when we simply respect each other. We can do it only when we will learn correct things from our religious stuff. We need to learn about our inner peace first. We need to know about real need of country and not greed of our own. If we will love our country and our people then there will not be a subject exist about intolerance. Just stop fighting , stop rioting , stop pointing on other and see the difference. If one really don't want intolerance in country then they should learn to understand views of other people and need to discuss on that to get the things resolved rather than having useless debate, making issues or raising voice against intolerance.

So let's not talk about intolerance and rather work for development of country, for people and their fundamental need, for inner peace and for being human first.

I believe in what Henry Ford said, "Coming together is beginning, Staying together is progress, Working together is success".

Let's together make country free from prime problems, let's educate people, let's raise people and let's try to listen to the views or opinions of others then this thing will not exist then.

Finally, Let's not talk about intolerance !!

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