Jan 31, 2013

Clean India - Better India - Healthy India

"Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness" we often hear this or say this but are we really doing something for cleanliness? This is the first question that hits mind.  You will get an answer when you will just remember your whole day. By questioning yourself, “what I have done in a whole day for cleanliness?” I am sure, some of you will recollect that, oh! I ate chocolate today but I threw the wrapper on the road or I had some snacks and when I finished it I threw that tissue paper on the road itself, instead of throwing it properly in a dustbin.

Sometimes some socially aware people request others for avoiding such a practice of dirtying but these people just neglect their request or start fighting with them. Some people ask "It will not make any difference by doing something only by a single person?"

The answer to this question is clearly illustrated by the words of Mother Teresa -
"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop"

People don't think positively how it helps us to make our surrounding clean which again helps us to maintain our good health. The importance of cleanliness is to keep us healthy and happy in our daily life. If we want to stay healthy, a healthy environment is important.

To maintain better hygienic conditions in the surroundings, it is necessary to clean the entire area because unhygienic conditions can cause many diseases as trash and dirt can be houses of bacteria, virus and other pathogens. We should avoid some common practices to prevent our healthy atmosphere. Cleanliness by each individual will help to maintain cleanliness of surrounding. Awareness is really needed to make our environment clean.

Below mentioned are some of the things that will really help for creating a healthy environment if we follow them-

1. Stop throwing garbage here and there. Just collect it and throw properly in dustbins.

2. One should not throw garbage around while visiting natural places (as lakes, sea, forest, parks), heritage places. This will help to preserve the beauty for which we visit them.

3. There should be a proper place for a container for the garbage collector and one should throw dirt in that container only.

4. Do not throw solid waste into drains or gutters, which may block the drain.  Make sure that the sewage pipeline in your surroundings is not broken otherwise you may get sewage spilling all over.

5. Do not spit on the road or in any public places.

Let us Pledge for a Clean India - Healthy India !!

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